Please see a member of staff if you have any problems accessing the internet and the answers below don’t help you.

We at harepath Holidays want you to have the best stay possible with us. To that end we have invested in a WiFi system to enable our guests to connect to the internet when with us. Below is an FAQ section answering questions about our WiFi system and how to connect.

Please note: Our WiFi is a free service so we can not guarantee its speed, range, availability or reliability.


How do I connect?

Depending on what device or operating system you are trying to connect from the process will vary.

The first step is to ensure that the wireless networking on your device is enabled. Once you have enabled wireless networking, click on search for new networks. Select one of the PEACEHAVEN networks and click connect.

When you are asked for a Key/Password enter PEACEHAVENEX122TA ~ all capitals no spaces.

Once you have connected to the PEACEHAVEN network open up a browser window. You will not be able to connect to the internet yet, but should be taken to a login screen.

Now enter your username and password (these can be found in your room) into the boxes and click log-in. To successfully log-in you will need to allow a pop-up window to open. Keep this pop-up window open to stay connected to the wireless network.

Where can I connect from?

We have a few wireless access points around the house so you should be able to connect wherever you are in the house. If you have any problems please speak to a member of staff.

Is it secure?


I can’t connect. What shoudl I try?

Please check the following things:

Is your wireless connection enabled?

Can you see the PEACEHAVEN network?

Have you tried moving closer to a wireless access point?

How strong is the signal?

Have you clicked connect?

Have you registered and logged-in?

Are you running pop-up blocking software?

Is your firewall blocking communication?

Speak to a member of staff to see if there are any network issues.

Remember that this is a free service and will not be available 100% of the time.