To use the pool all sessions must be booked in advance via TEXT on 07428507704.

All bookings for old and new swimmers will be classed as private hire and MUST be booked prior to use and agreed by Craig via text so there is a written copy of the booking so no one can turn up and say they booked over the phone with someone when they haven’t.
No bookings will be taken over the phone or via e-mail. There has to be strict control of the pool use, and contact details of every user will be securely recorded.

The number to use to book your session by text is 07428507704. On your first text include your full name so you can be added to contacts so it saves you adding that info on future texts. The phone is dedicated to business use only and is protected for GDPR and your details will not be passed on to others.

The day will be split into 1 hour slots and the pool will be split into 2 lanes. Each half of the pool will be labelled lane 1 and lane 2. The changing rooms will be labelled 1 and 2 also. So lane 1 in the pool will be allotted changing room 1.
Each booking will be either to hire half the pool and a changing room for £12 or both lanes and both changing rooms for £20 for the hour slot. If both lanes & changing rooms are booked then you will have sole use of the whole pool. Half pool, due to size, can only be booked to a maximum of 2 adults and 1 child. Half pool option is aimed at the single or couple swimmers.

There are numerous disinfectant sprays available in the changing rooms and the lobby for customer use. There is also a disinfectant foot bath for people to step in and step out as they enter the lobby before going into the changing rooms. Please remove muddy footwear before entering the pool building and do not wheel prams/pushchairs into the building.

We recommend people come changed and showered before swimming to save time. Your hour will be from arrival time to departure time, you must not enter the pool building before your hour slot to change and you must be out of the pool building by the end of your hour so there is no overlap of users.